English: Harvard Yard winter 2009.

School. It bestows upon those fortunate few the blessing of papers, projects, and arguably an education. In order to succeed you must relinquish thinking and get used to doing. Each class demanding 100% of your attention and multi-class semesters being the norm.  Not to mention life’s demands of responsibilities that must be met through finances. Finances that must be met with work. Make no mistake, school is not about learning, it’s about survival. It’s about meeting deadlines and figuring  out how to accomplish the unaccomplished  And when it is known that our future society has been trained to do more with less, school will figure out ways to make up for the added efficiency in order to train students to be even more efficient.  But then the question becomes, when will we ever reach enough efficiency?  For America, the answer is never.  As a society we pride ourselves in what we do. Leisure is laziness and enjoyment is wrong.  This can be seen through our current attack on the arts such as music, anthropology, and anything that is not math, science, or anything else that’s ghastly boring.  But arts? Nah, we can’t waste our money on that. Instead lets focus on beating the joy of learning out of our learning system and create analytical robots. When will our school system woo us into learning?


Robot (Photo credit: ewen and donabel)

Even subjects that sound interesting have been bastardized into a perversion of mill work and standardization.  Learning? Don’t be silly. You do that on your own time. Our schools want to see test results and school grades go up.  As students from all grades flee the slavery of “education” our society finds ways to bind us to it.  Not to have a $70,000 piece of paper in today’s economy is to almost guarantee yourself a mediocre job that barely pays for your life. That is unless you make it as a super pop star or some sport jockey.  Then you don’t have to worry about finances.  You can play or sing your heart out and get paid bucku amount of money while the rest of us who would love to learn to do what you do can’t because officials says that arts in school is a waste of money.  Maybe that’s their way of regulating the market? In that case maybe we should also work on regulating the wages of the other skills as well.  Especially those that demand a constant gamble with life.  You know, our law enforcement, fire fighters, militia and such.  Maybe that’s the point.  Maybe the problem is not the officials.  Maybe the problem is society and its thirst for entertainment.   But then, why the scholastic slavery? Why the waste of subjects such as math if math is not needed (why does a historian need to take calculus?).  Maybe it’s to regulate the other market, that of education.  And so money proves to be king once again, and our slavery to make someone rich continues.

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