The glory of You
who can grasp it?
Your matchless might a terror in the day
the night hides before You
anger that only You can hold 
is terrible and fearsome 
Your mouth speaks wonders into existence
Your eyes pierce through the very dimensions of our souls.
no might can tame You
no will break You
who can stand and proclaim themselves before You?
who can bear the glimpse of You
Your awe is beyond any comprehension here on earth
You move and the galaxies quake
stars are but mere toys in Your hands
apt and willing to bow to your will
the terror of Your might, awesome, glorious
destruction a mere thought away.
who can tame You Oh Lord.
But Lord You withhold yourself, 
for the sake of the ones You love
The Lion allows Himself to be killed by gnats
redeeming them and purchasing them with His blood.
Glorious is Your love for us Oh Lord.
Who can understand the marvel that is redemption, 
the awesome power of all buffeted by the insignificance of men
But You oh Lord, have valued us far above any rubies
far above any gold
Your blood Oh God is worth more than all creation and all the angels and all that is
this blood You lavish upon us
Great are you Oh God
Great are you and Greatly to be Praised!
Your kingdom live for ever!
Your Glory, marvelous and true.
Gracious and Merciful, God Omnipotent.
What words can describe the awesomeness of You!

Juan Castillo Jr.

4 thoughts on “Glorious

    • Hey Valerie!
      Thanks for checking up on me :). I’m doing good. School and Work has me running like a chicken without a head so all my time is pretty much spent. But hopefully soon I should start posting more regularly again. How have you been?

      • I’m well, thanks; just recovering from 3 weeks of chaos at work. Glad you’re alright. Forget the masses of blog fans–you’ve apparently got plenty else to think of! 🙂

      • LOL, aww I can’t forget about you guys :). I actually have a few things in the works. Its just I can sit down and finish them :(. But soon I will, Muahahaha (Ehem). Btw, chaos at work? No bueno. Im glad those 3 weeks are over for you.

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