What a prick!

Charming Your Chores: Scrub That Floor!

Charming Your Chores: Scrub That Floor! (Photo credit: queercatkitten)

Its been a long day today for her. So far she has cleaned the bathroom, cleaned the living room, moped the kitchen and fed the pets, she has made the beds, prepared the meals, vacuumed the house, cleaned the yard, weeded the garden, and finally at the end of the day she finally sits down to rest. Anxious for her husband to come in. Which he does.
He first comes into the house and races to the bathroom, his wife sits on the coaxh, sitll not a word from her husband. after the bathroom he takes of his muddy shoes and throws them on the carpet. (the freshly vacuumed carpet). he slips on some sandles and heads to the fridge while his wife waits on the couch, still no words from her husband. He opens the fridge and opens a beer. Now he walks towards his wife and opens his mouth and says “is the food ready?”.
What a prick! The wife has laboured all day for him and all he can say is “is the food ready?” However, dont we do that all the time with God. He wants to know us and yet we give him feeble 5 minute devotions, or quick pryaers of want. When do we actually sit down to marvel at how great God is for doing all that He does for more than just 5 minutes….He is not the Prick, WE are.

Juan Castillo Jr.

3 thoughts on “What a prick!

    • aww thank you. I have not left. Its just school has really cranked up the assignment demand, lol. But I have a few posts on the works, which I hope I will be able to post soon.
      Thank you though for the encouragement. Its good to know God uses my musings 🙂

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