Seafulness (in search of silence)

The sun has not quite graced me with its commanding presence. Nevertheless I muster the strength to say hello as I walk unto the sands of the white and alluring sea. Nature’s agents are welcoming me with their quick joyful cautious songs. The waves provide a constant rhythmic backdrop as the orchestra of the seas graces me with music. I have found silence. I bid the sea to follow me on a steady walk where we converse about the thrills and the ills of man. Saddened, the sea reveals to me her tears as her agents lie fallen asleep at my feet. I stand motionless, not knowing what to say, and yet wanting to say everything. The sun has now graced me with his smile as he casts his arms around the harmonious melody of the sea. Yet with his embrace, comes the all too familiar face of man. Goodbye silence. I brace myself for the curious “good mornings” and “hellos”. As the sea speaks and no one listens. I bid the sea farewell and I start to make my way back home. But her language is unfamiliar to me. I can’t hear. Yet men’s language is loud and clear. Noisy, boisterous, loud and selfish. I walk into the fray, a familiar space and I hear silence no more.


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