May it be (poem)

May it be, oh Lord, as you will
As you will, oh Lord, may it be.
Even though the fear of it still…
In the stillness, oh Lord may I see.

May it be to your Glory and Fame
For Famous and Glorious are Thou.
May I always so cherish your Name
and bless it, to spread It somehow.

May I suffer the loss of whats known
Let the knowledge of real be no more.
For the Stillness is calling me home
Yes the Stillness has set out His lure.

In this knowledge, oh Lord, may I be
May I be, unto Thee, more than me.
For if life has its earth and its sea,
May my calling to You, may it be.

Wrap Your arms, oh Lord, around me
Move me closer, oh Lord, unto Thee.
Calm the storm that is raging within
For your glory, oh God, may this end.

Lights will shine in their season, they’ll shine
They will shine but an end they will meet.
Life, may I follow you blind
May I follow you blind to the sea.

A wave crashes and fear takes its grip
The blue, dark waters, so deep.
For fear, an enemy is
But You, oh Lord, may You Be.

May the lilies dance til they fade
Dancing, singing, may birds fly away.
Walking to You, may I not see day
In Your presence may I always stay.

Let it be, oh my God, let it be
As You wish, Your delight is the key
to the heart that in twine has its beats
yet the battle at last knows defeat.

May the sunshine in Light slowly fade
In an instant my eyes on You stay.
May I awe in Your presence, may it be.
May I awe in Your presence, Lord to Thee.

Juan Castillo Jr.


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