Get Up! (Poem)

Get up, don’t sit
Come forth to me
And let me wrap you
In liberty

I plead for you
To come right now
A Father’s love
Cannot be bound

Don’t worry bout’
Your guilt and shame
I’ve paid for that
I’ve called your name

Don’t you hear my call?
Can’t you hear my plea?
It is written down
For eternity

So come now, come
The time is now
I’ve moved and spoken
Thus you will bow

To those who bow
From a willing heart
I’ll give them life
A brand new start

To those who bow
From brokenness
I wont forget
I’ll give them rest

Come on, come on
Here take my hand
I’ts time to move
And time to stand

The wind is blowing
To and fro
And now my son
I call your soul

Stand up. rise up!
Don’t meddle in
The pool of doubt
The way of sin

Rise up, come forth!
Oh child of woe
My stream is life
Drink for your soul

The waters’ flow
Will set you free
Come forth, come forth!
To liberty!

I call your name
I know you well
Rise up, stand up!
I’ve paid your bail

These chains you wear
Are binding you
Give them to me
I’ll make you new

Come on, lets go!
No time to loose
For you don’t know
The time I choose

Or do you think
That life is fair?
You think that joy
Will be found there?

Don’t walk but run
Run unto me
The time is here
To be set free


Juan Castillo Jr.


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