To the One and only

Dad, you are awesome and Good, your mercies are unending and quick to be given, your love is wild, unlike anything this world knows, and You are the one who knew me even before I was made. You are the one who called me by name, redeemed me from the mess of a wicked life to a newness of holiness. In You I find strenght to pass through the fields of uncertainty knowing that certainty is only found in you. You’ve taught me what it feels like to be loved and more importantly, you’ve taught me how to love. In a world where the word love is but an emotion, You show the true nature of it for You are love. Ive never seen such fervent consistency. Ive never felt so protected. Its almost as if You’re whole world revolves around me, yet I know that You have many other children. Nevertheless, you’re love for me is sooo strong and so real. How could I have not felt it before?

In spite of the many times you saught me. Those times when I was content in living a life meant to please myself. Yet the Irony of it all is that I was never quite pleased. I always laked something. Yet, You, with Your arms abundent in mercies and grace, broke through the dark clouds of deceit as a warrior defending His bride. I felt your grip on me and your strong tug. And with a mighty roar you led me, defended me, freed me. You truly are the Champion. You truly are my King. Ive heard the word worship used for vein pleasures of sin. Worship of that which is carnal, that which wont last. All along I was blind to a true worship of you. But now, without restrain, I lift my hands and open my heart to worship You. For You are the One who is from everlasting to everlasting. You are the one that defines what beauty is for You are beautiful. You are the one that sets rules and are the true Judge, but in all of Your perfection, You decide to love that which is inperfect so that in turn you make them perfect.

Marvelous are you Oh Lord, what word could I ever say to reflect the wonder that is You. Is there a love in this world that can compare? May my life always be Yours. May my will always bow to You.
The path You’ve given me to follow may I always follow. May You always be my God. May the greatness of this life in you never cease to escape my imediate attention. The enemy is the prince of deception, and human that I am, can fall to his lies. But You are the Righteous King, Truth incarnate, living in me. Guide me in Your Way as You have since the first moment I met you 16 years ago. Even through the dark time, that lasted for what seemed an eternity, you have led me through it.

I praise you Oh Lord, with the highest Praise. I’ll sing, My God of your mercies and truths until I die. And when that Glorious day of my departure comes, Ill be anxious to finally see you face to face.  To run into your arms to receive the deep satisfaction of your warm and perfect embrace. And there, I shall finally find rest.

Love you Dad, My God, My King, My Lord

Juan Castillo Jr.


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