Before the fall (poem)

I sit on this ledge and thus now I see

the wind has sterred daintily free

my desire to join, transparent, unbound

whispering waltz, truth has found

The one who’s rescued stands and sing

bound to what the chains cant sting

oh to open my arms and embrace the freedoms thats due

oh to run through a field and there find my heart to be true

I wish to compose a melody only to You

a sweet song thats fiery yet blue

express the feelings I cant seem to express with this mouth

thus resulting my attempt to write the foggiests of clouts

who could ever sit, or dare to bare the burden of this log

who would sit to chat with a lion hobling from a broken paw

its shame thus shared for all to plainly see

hes tired of all the hobbling, and all hes claimed to be

A roar is no longer heard in his mouth

no longer willing to stand to fight that which has not been found

slowly draining the blood locked inside the bag of flesh

seemingly dwindled, to the point of failing the test

yet not given the freedom to fail

cannot fail to hold the rest

Juan Castillo Jr.


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