School starts (the ugly head)

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And so, with a seeming crooked smile, school makes its ugly appearing onto the death of a insightful summer.  Ok maybe that’s a bit harsh, but when your first week already makes your head spin in all sorts of directions without a North Pole to guide you…well, Its hard for me not to be this harsh.  With a 34 page paper already on its way, a presentation at the Georgia Planning Association conference scheduled, presidential responsibilities of a Student Planning Association for the University of Florida, and now what seems to be chapters of books of reading, more presentations, more presentations, oh and more presentations.  I hardly know where to find dry land to stand on.  I think i have reached the point in my life when im starting to realize…im too old for school!  Nevertheless, school is a bullet that..well, must be taken.  I am fortunate that so far my classes, as extensive in their proliferation of inundating work may be, are actually quite enjoyable.  This semester I will be learning more about transportation and its interaction with land use.  (IE. Transit Oriented Development).  Aaaaaand I will also be engaged in a Coastal Change Studio, where I get to explore tactics to present information to the public in regards to coastal change.

September promises (and from the looks of it this promise will be kept) to be a very busy month for me.  Two conferences to attend, with 13 credit hours (grad credit hours mind you) and two jobs….busy indeed.  But Alas, how many people can claim such blessings!…nothing like a good note to make me realize how foolish my rantings can sometimes be lol.


4 thoughts on “School starts (the ugly head)

    • I agree. Definetly better than idle hands. Thanks for the good wishes. I know this semester is going to turn out awesome. I just need to get used to this new schedule :/

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