Forgive me (poem)

Forgive me oh Lord for the things that I do
For turning and swaing for bending whats true
For leading them through a path far from you 
Forgive me Oh Lord and make me brand new

Forgive me oh Savior for taming the shrew
Forgetting whats life, so afraid to go through
Yet in all of this walking I slip of my shoes
Forgive me oh Lord for forgetting you’re You

Forgive me my Savior for Your mercies I threw
Far away from my mind when the time was now due
With chains on my legs, I have pulled your word through
The mind that I could do this walk without you

And now oh my Savior, my glorious Light
I come to you humbled with You on my sight
Cant look to my left, nor now to my right
Hungry Im seeking your guiding delight

Your Glory for ever my fire my beat
Your heart my thirst quenches with passion and heat
A dawning of mercies flow from Your seat
Renewing my sight til that one day we meet

The wave now arrives, the rocks its strenght shatters
The story of age has ceased to now matter
The chains that did bind rusted they scatter
Though scars may remain, with You I walk farther.

Juan Castillo Jr.


One thought on “Forgive me (poem)

  1. Juan – this is so beautifully stated. Thanks for sharing (honestly) from your heart – in this poem & in your other thought-provoking reflections… (the last stanza is going in my spiritual journal – esp love the last line…!!)

    grace, peace & Walking Farther – Virginia : )

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