Oh my girls (scary moment, needed insight)

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I was remebering a time when I still had my wonderful “girls” (two female dogs, Sashi and Mimmer) and I went to take them out for a walk. It was dark the night I took them out but some of the street light where on. I used to always take them out near a trasch can where there was a nice patch of grass designated for pets in the apartment complex. This particular evening, like every other evening I was bringing my girls there when in the darkness I saw some movement near the trash can. From the size of the shadow and the way it moved i knew exactly what it was. But, unfortunetly so did my girls, and sure enough they went barkig and holloring after the shadow. Now if you guys have never ran into a racoon before, pray you dont. These things are vicious and nasty. I know because of all the discovery channel shows Ive seen :). However, I did not want to find out first hand of their vicious reputation. My girls did though, and so they went holloring after the animal. I knew what that thing would do to my precious dogs if I allowed them near it. So I yanked on the leashes with quite some force in essence throwing my dogs back in my direction. If you would have just casually passed by you might have said something like, “what a jerk, why does he have dogs if he does not like them”. But the truth is, I loved them too much not to yank as hard as i could.
That night, I honestly thought I was going to see my girls get devoured by a Racoon. Praise God I pulled on the leashes before they engaged it.
This episode reminds me a lot of how God must see us and how we treat him. You see, we are like my dogs. We dont comprehend the dangers around us. We have no idea whats behind the trash cans. But God does, and sometimes he yanks on our leashes…HARD! But

A German Shepherd Dog.

A German Shepherd Dog. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

not because he hates us. But because he loves us too much not too.
The world sees God and says, “why would you follow something with so much rules and/or someone who is so hard, you should be free to do what you want to do” but the truth is, God’s rules are there for our good. not for our harm. If my dogs did not have those leashes on, I dear say I would be writing a totally different note this evening. But due to the leash upon them, they were saved that night, and are still alive to this day (and Ill be seeing them come this Christmas God willing). In an odd way, God has a leash on his children, not because we are not free, but because no matter how smart you and I may think we are, we will not nor do we understand everything that happens around us or willl happen. But God does. SO its no wonder that He says “Lean not on your own understanding, but in all of your ways acknowledge me, and I will direct your paths” Dad is awesome! He keeps us away from the racoons in life. So now I can identify with David in Psalm 119, when he says How marvelous are God’s laws. Because these laws are not meant to oppress but to protect.



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