Gym pet peeves (Humor)

Gym shot

Gym shot (Photo credit: Tyson Cecka)

OK, normally im not really an irritable kind of guy….much….not that much……ok maybe just a little… But I’m getting better! Anyways, I work at a gym (have been working at gyms now since God knows how long) and there are things that people do while at the gym that just drive me up a wall and back and up a wall again….and then back down. Following are a few of my pet peeves. IF you do these…….well, may God have mercy on your soul.
(these are not in order of importance…cuz they all irritate me about equally)

1. Talking on the phone while on a cardio machine.
Ok. Before you start pointing fingers, let me say that it is true, most of the people I see doing this are ladies. HOWEVER, I have seen men doing it too! And when you are trying to work out right next to them, IT IS SOOOOOO ANNOYING!!! I mean really, do I really want to hear what Sarah said to Stacy about Erika! CMON! Normally I try to stay clear away from people who are using their cells and working out but when its jammed packed and there’s only one machine open and its right next to the girl with the phone (or guy, but as I said is mostly girls)…..Sometimes I just rather skip cardio. SO unless its an emergency, leave the phone in your locker.

2. Leaving your weights on the floor after you use them.
This is mainly done by guys. It always amazes me how people seem to think they have servants following them everywhere they go,

200 pounds heavy dumbbells Category:Weight_tra...

and if they dont think like that, they surely act like it. Seriously, is it that hard for someone to rerack the weights they were using after they are done? or what, they are soooo tired they cant do it themselves. Some can curl 50 pound dumbbells and yet cant put a 25 pond dumbbell back where they got it from.

3. IF you re-rack, re-rack them in the same spot you got them from!
OK, I was doing dumbbell presses with 80lbs dumbbells, I took them from the slot that had the number 80 CLEARLY printed on it. I did my exercise, I went to re-rack my weights (like everyone should) and when I got to the same spot that I had originally take my 80lbs dumbbells from (which are pretty darn heavy) guess what I found. 75lbs DUMBBELLS!!!!! Now, last time I checked I was in college. I am sure that they have taught us how to count by now, or at least to recognize numbers. SO how is it that people can confuse numbers so easily? If you grab 75lbs weight, put it back where it says 75lbs. not 80 or 90 or 45 for that matter! (yes, that has happened and it sucks)

4. Profanity
Now I understand that people are grown ups and bad language(which is just that, BAD) is normal in our society. However, like

Cartoon of a person waving fist

everything in life, there is a place and time for it. Is it really necessary for someone to go off ranting about M@$#&R F*$!R, and FK, S^@T, and what ever else? Especially when every other word you speak is one of the words implied above. That’s not necessary. If you really feel like cursing and just cant control it, step outside, have a cursing fit and then come back and delight us with your grunting 🙂

5. Obnoxious grunting
(this btw is not the grunting stated above). Now I understand, some of you can bench 500lbs. however, is it really necessary to let the WHOLE ENTIRE WORLD KNOW that that is what you are doing? Just a thought.

6. Display of Inaccurate Urine Excretion.
Is it necessary to tell the whole world that you dont have good aim by displaying the after math of your restroom escapade on the

toilet seat? Really? The least you can do is grab some toilet paper and wipe the seat or something. Elk, u say? Just imagine what the guy that came behind you said.

7. Inappropriate discard of Gum.
….all i have to say to this one is that someone owes me a new pair of pants..and when I find you, well…….

8. Inconsiderate people!
I understand that most of us think the world revolves around us (yes I am in that camp too…sadly). However, try to be more polite in the gym. One thing is to be in your zone (which I normally am when I workout, so if I look like I am mad, im not, im just in my zone). But its completely different to be in yoru zone and forget to wipe after you use a machine, or block the mirror for someone behind you just so that you can talk to your friends….or have a 1 hour conversation with your friend near someone who is lifting heavy weights!. Please people be considerate of people who are actually working out.

Muscle memory

9. 1 hour conversation with friends in your immediate area.
Working out with friends is awesome because it pushes you farther than you thought you could go…well it depends on the friends…some just want to talk….dont know why. Anyways. Whatever the case maybe, I dont think talking in the gym with your friends is a bad thing per sey, just dont do it right next to me when I have 90lbs dumbbells on top of me and I’m about to put them on the floor after a set……I could really hurt myself trying to avoid placing these really heavy things on your foot cuz you want to talk to your friend right next to me.

10. Hover over me while you wait for me to get off the machine so that you can use it.
I know that we are creatures of habits. Therefore, it is only natural that we feel more comfortable with certain machines as opposed to other ones….HOWEVER! Is it really worth ruining the focus of someone else, just to let them know that you are impatiently waiting for them to finish so that you can use the machine (cuz its all about you anyways right?). Not only that, but seeing that there is usually more than one way to work out a specific muscle group, is it that important for you to use this one machine I am on right now!!!!

11. Immodest clothing
This is mainly for ladies but for guys too. Please be considerate of the fact that people do have eyes. and when you pass by them they

English: Fitness Model posing with dumbell. Ph...

are going to look at you, and when you wear clothes that practically shout LOOK AT MY BODY! LOOK AT MY…WHATEVER! They are going to look even more. “well they should not look” you say. True, but the question really is, if you dont want them looking, why wear it? Be modest in the gym, it helps everyone’s concentration.

12. Hogging 3 or 4 machines!
Again, THE WORLD DOES NOT REVOLVE AROUND YOU! if you need to use 3 or more machines for circuit training, here are a few tips. A. Come at a time when is not busy.
B. Let someone work in with you if they need one of the machines.
C. Let someone work in with you if they need one of the machines.
D. Let someone work in with you if they need one of the machines.
E. Let someone work in with you if they need one of the machines.
(I think you get the point).

13. Treating employee’s disrespectfully
It is no ones job to deal with rubbish. If you get a kick out of being one of those difficult people who complain about anything and everything under the sun just because you feel like that’s what the gym attendants are paid to do (listen to you whine), well, im sorry but you are wrong. Be more considerate to workers of whatever gym you go to. They work really hard to make sure that you have a pleasurable experience at the gym, the least you can do is make sure that they have a pleasurable experience at their jobs. Dont get me wrong, there are Issues that you should always approach the attendant about (broken machines, injuries, questions and concerns) However, one thing is legitimate concern and the other is whining (not bright enough, not dark enough, member’s B.O., Disagreements concerning policies). And this goes for other customer service related fields as well.

14. Disagreeing over policies.
Sometimes, there are policies in a gym that are uncomfortable (no food in gym, guest policies..etc). But does throwing a fit in front of 20 spectators and voicing your opinion on how the gym sucks (only to come back and use the same gym the next day) going to help change them? If you really are that distraught about the policy, then be mature about it and speak to people who can do something about it in a civilized fashion…fits is not civilized.

Description of relations between Axial tilt (o...

These are just a few of my pet peeves, lol. I hope I did not scare anyone. just keep these in mind as you enjoy a good workout. AND remember, if everybody avoids doing the things mentioned above, this world will be a marvelous place :)…or close to it….somewhat close…..CLOSE ENOUGH FOR ME ANYWAYS…cuz as we all know, its all about me, isnt it?

Love you all,



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