Passion of Architecture VS Passion for Christ

architecture models

architecture models (Photo credit: C.O.D. Library)

This was written while I was still working on finishing my undergrad in Architecture.  I’ve always enjoyed Architecture and design but when it comes to a comparison with Christ…well… just doesn’t compare.

So I was working out (something that needs to start happening again…). And for whatever reason, in between sets, I started to think. I really like architecture and i was about to call it a passion (in my head mind you) when it struck me. What is passion, and is architecture really my passion? Can I sit down and justify me calling architecture my passion? The online dictionary defines passion as a “strong emotion such as love, hate, anger…etc” But somehow that doesn’t fit the bill. In my opinion, true passion is something that you are willing to give your whole life to. For example, if you love someone passionately, at that moment, that love is your number one priority, therefore its more important than life itself. I guess in my mind for me to say that I am passionate about architecture would mean that I am saying that I would be willing to make my whole life about architecture…and that’s where the problem is. Architecture as much as I enjoy it, cant be my passion. It is my labor and my contribution to my society but it absolutely cannot be my passion, for in life, there is only one reason that is justified in requiring a complete abandonment to oneself and relinquishing all that you know about yourself for this one cause, or person and that reason is Jesus Christ. You see, I realize that nothing in life…absolutely nothing in life is more important than Jesus Christ. For me, architecture cant be my passion for it would mean that my whole soul and ardent time and all emotion would be devoted to it and at the end of the day, or at the end of my life, I will die and what of my passion for architecture….it will die with me.
But a passion for Christ will never die for even in death, I will be alive with Him and my passion will forever remain with Him.
Many great architects have made architecture there life, and their work speaks to their great love for architecture. That’s what makes them great, the energy that they spend to perfect their passion. I guess that means I wont ever be a great architect….an architect? yes, but never like Meis Vandero or Phillip Johnson, nor like Le Corbusier, or Frank Lloyd Wright. For at the end of the day, my passion is Jesus Christ. And though I may not be that exemplary Christian, I know that my true love, my passion, is for Christ. My craft is but secondary and a tool for His glory. For those gifts where given by Him.
It is not a depressing thought really. For in my weakness He shows himself strong like His Word says. In that case, I guess it is possible for me to be a great architect, If I let the Lord lead me. And in all honesty, I cant think of any greater architect than His Majesty, Our Lord Jesus Christ. Don’t you agree?


3 thoughts on “Passion of Architecture VS Passion for Christ

  1. I’m also one who makes a living designing buildings, sometimes I lay awake working out designs, but more often these days I lay awake thinking about the great designer. I know God ~ or rather am known by Him… I am passionate about God ~ or rather am the object of His passion. cheers my friend, Graeme

  2. hi, I’m a student of Architecture in a small country in Africa called Botswana,, I’m also a Christian, i would like your advice on how you allowed our God to help you with design, because, i get that hes the greatest Architect, but how do i manifest that in my work? How did you do it?…

    • Hey Viola!
      Sorry for the late reply. Check out these verses, I Corinthians 10:31, Colossians 3:17, and Colossians 3:23. There really is no set formula because we are all individuals, so we all show and share what God does through our talents in different ways. However, I think there are a few key things that are necessary. 1. A close walk with the Lord, this involves daily communion wit Him. The more you get to Know the Lord, the more He shows through what you do because His Spirit does it.
      2. Do things for Him, that is for God. When I work on a design or a project, I find myself thinking that I am presenting this project to God. As such, I work and design in such a way as to present my work to God. This usually displays itself in higher standards and closer attention to details, because I want it to be just right for my King.
      3. Remember God’s love for you. God delights in You. Which means that what you do is a delight to God. Its like a child. If you are the parent to a child, you will notice that whatever the child does brings you joy because you love that child. Similarly, God delights in us. I say similarly because God’s delight is waaaaaay bigger than any delight we can experience. As such, God’s delight on us is unimaginable. But if at least understand that God truly delights in us and in what we do, then we take joy and pride in our work, and this has a direct impact on the quality and overall design.

      I hope this help Viola. May the Lord our God lead you to do Amazing work for His Kingdom.


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