Come, let us lie unto the Lord

Artist Woman Singing Concert in Jazz Club

The song begins to play, an you prepare your voice, willing to let it loose. Familiar lyrics are sung by tthe leader and simultaniously they appear on a big screen (just in case you forgett what the lyrics say). And as everyone comenses the singing, these are the words that are sung. “This is the air I breathe, this is the air I breathe,,your holy presence, living in me.” The time of worship has begun. Or has it?
My pastor has said that he wishes we could sing the song “I am a friend of God” as “I maybe the friend of God”. This satement reminds me of something I heard a looooong time ago in a singles retreat. The speaker (whos name I forgot) said this: “most of the lying in church takes place in our praise and worship singing” as he explains it, because we dont fully realize what we are singing and for the most part we dont really mean it. Lets take the song “breathe” for a sec. These are part of the words: “This is the air I breathe”.  What is the air I breathe “Your holy presence” so the song so far is saying God’s Holy presence is the air we breathe. Have you thought about that? What would happen if you were to fall into the deep end of the pool and you dont know how to swim? You would frantically try to get out because otherwise you would drown, because your air has been cut off and you neeed air to survive…..”This is the air i breathe”. Do we really feel like we need God’s presence that is living in us to survuve? i know some of you are nodding your head, and I wish I could nod right along with you, but then I too would be lying. You see, as the church, if we truly believed these words we would live radically different lives. to say that God’s presence is the air we breathe is to say that we need to commune with God or we will die..and if thats the case, communion with Him takes priority over anything and everything… if you have ever been to busy or have been to tired to get out of bed for morning devotions, guess what, you have just demonstrated that God’s preresence is not the air you breathe and therefore you are lying when you sing this song. This truth hits home for me, for I really like to sing and to worship. But sometimes I feel as if God stands before me and says, do you mean what you sing, to which I have to reply, no. God is not the air I breathe for if He was, I would seek him always without excuse. And as it turns out, I am always finding clever new excuses why I have not read or spend time with the most amazing person in the world. I too am a liar.
“But its just a song, God knows our heart” you may say. When has worship been just a song? If truly you can say that singing is “just a

A modern Western worship team leading a contem...

song” than its purpose has completetly escaped you. We sing as a act of worship, to offer unto the Lord something that is truly inside of us, or something that we are going through….Singing is one of the many forms of worship. We worship God with music, works, and offerings. May I reming you what happened to annanias when he brought money unto the Lord and lied about how much he actually brought to the disciples feet….He died. U could say thats just money, the same way you could say thats just a song, but a lie is a lie no matter where it is at.
May your worhsip be blameless always oh church. May your worhsip be blameless. If something, anything comes out from your lips…correction, our lips, let it be true. Whether in singing or in conversation, may it be true.

I love you all

Juan Castillo Jr.


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