The race (poem)

A grand ol race indeed I run
With you my good ol friend
The time has come and flown on by
Along this wishful bend
And Lo! You see the bump ahead
Let us make sure to jump
Cuz if we don’t were sure to fall
And hurt our clumsy lumps
You by my side I know we will
Together reach the line
But until then were running still
As moments pass us by
And look above the sky is clear
The birds sing merry tunes
It somehow knows the joy I feel
To run this race with you
And still ahead a wolf now waits
And hungry eyes it has
Great care oh friend we must now take
To run, escape his grasp
We run old friend, faster still
The creature now behind
We look ahead to the straight road
And wonder what we’ll find
The sun now seems to frown a bit
A tired face it makes
Not one of pain nor one of guilt
Just one that says “it’s late”
But glorious still the day has been
And glorious still will be
As bright and orange light above
Gives way to darkness glee
But still we run, the race, us two
Together through and through
For this race has kept us running long
And running against who?
The stars above lend us their shines
As the moon breaks out its smile
And running still, our legs feel pain
As we run another mile
And in the dark, the road is swift
And turns the smooth to rough
For now I wish to lie real still
We cannot stop we cannot stop
My strength is leaving and I start trailing
Yet you have urged me on
And now my strength completely failing
It shatters a great bond.
Within I feel the need to reach
And grab hold of your hand
But if I do, I know I will
bring you down into the sand
So I clench my fist, I hide my hand
I keep it far from thee
In hopes that you, a smart one be
Complete the race for me
Alone I find myself to be
In darkness silent touch
My strength is gone, my friend has run
And I have wished it such
But where oh where am I now found
A place so foreign, strange
I lost the race, why run again
I’ll stay here in this place
Yet lo a Traveler comes nearer to
The place where I now sit
A slow walk still, a patient thrill
Grabs hold and makes me fit
Be still, He says a calming voice
And one that’s free of hate
Grab hold He says, He extends His hand
And with Him I am raised
And strength I find to run once more
Though darkness still now tease
And thus I do forever more
Though running I can’t cease
And now my mind knows very well
To run in spite of pain
It cost my friend, it cost the day
But still I’ve much to gain
For He touched my heart and gave me strength
A touch I can’t deny
I run this race, not alone I guess
For He’s with me, by my side.

Juan Castillo Jr.


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