May I have the honor of stumbling for You (poem)

my path seems straight 
no bend in sight
no cliffs nor valleys 
to bend my might 
the road is smooth
an easy trot
yet who’s the fool 
consumed by thought
the ease deceit
a blinding fold
thus I cant see
what now takes hold
a subtle lie
crept in my heart
and stole the love
Your work of art
oh wheres the bend
i dare not ask
for surely falling
will put me last
in the eyes of those
who’s righteousness
shine true or false
it all depends
but now is loud
i hear You say
a fall somehow 
must come my way
a stumble, thought
a bath of clay
to let my knees
and there to pray
so thus it will
and may it be
if falling will 
bring You glory
give me the honor
to grasp on tight
and yet let go
to my near plight
yet in this fall
may love grow strong
for though this road
seem straight and long
it is filled with those 
who hate You so
and when i stumble 
they’ll want my soul
they’ll jeer and say 
you great big fool
how could you think
that you would rule
yourself to walk
this smooth straight road
your much too weak
we told you so
but though there’s truth 
in the words they say
for weakness does 
in my being stay
not all the words
they’ve said rings true
for i am loved
by only You
You see my struggle
and give me grace
and knowing that 
ill will see Your face
the time here bends 
in Your embrace
and raise me up 
my muddied face
You wipe and say
now to the race
and though i know
i may stumble so
i run and run
i wont stop, i’ll go
there’s no point in tears
when stumbling comes
may it be an honor
to move on.

Juan Castillo Jr.


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