A scientific theory (poem)

Boom Kabaam 
Behold you’re made
But made are you 
Religion claims
Yet science sees another mold
They claim to know
The start of souls
For trillion billion years ago
A mishap came 
From thus things hold
And due to these 
Happy misdeeds
Life sprung forth 
And trillion billion million more
Life’s evolution thus took form
Some to walk, others to fly
And some to swimming
Past evolving eyes
And thus the lizards and the fishes came
To rule the land
And not be tamed
And life evolved further still
A brand new specie 
Without gills
The mammals came to rule the land
A young odd life
Yet smarter, they stand
And pick up things with their very hands
The mammals you see 
Would later be man
Though not very bright
The man evolved
To a brighter form
Millions years ago
Though unsure of the linkage 
Scientists are
They swear by infallible proof
The answers not far
Thus man is left, 
With a gaping hole
A misshaped creation
An accidental soul
What value is there in unintentionality? 
In random equation life to bring
A passing moment
Your call to be
What purpose to pursue 
A vapors sting
But this is the fact
This you must know
You are an accident 
A mere luck soul
The scientist have proven
With infallible proof
That no purpose or thinking
Went into you
Don’t value your life
What good is that?
You’re but a haphazard moment
In the light of true fact
The scholars agree
And thus it is true
For billions and Millions
Yet here are you
And somehow you know
The infallible proof
With experimentation 
Of that with no view
Of billion and millions eons ago
From haphazard accident
Order took hold

Juan Castillo Jr.


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