Why? (poem)

English: Love Question

Why are we humans so dumb to see
The Glory of the Lord and His majesty
Why do we treat Him in fickle ways
And forget in Him to always stay
Why cant we see past our preconceived need
The notion of want, the ill-fulfilled deed
And see in His arms riches and love
The very things we all speak off.
A lie is a lie and in it we all are
But a lie cannot excuse us wandering far
Why cant we decide to let go of such
And instead hang on to His love for us
Why is the darkness so luring still
In spite of the fact that it blinds the will
Caressing the sole, the slave it’ll bind
And slowly torture the wandering mind
Why oh why cant this be done,
The darkness reject and accept the Son
His light shows truth, in this you can trust
So why stay where you are, engulfed in such lusts
Tempted I am to hate that within me,
To look at myself and blame what I see
For to do what I want I end up not doing
Yet that which I hate finds its stage for performing
So why must I wrestle seeing works like these done?
Cuz the love that I have for the beautiful Son
A love born not of me, not my will, not mine
Is the Love that called me from the pit, the grime
And daily He lavishes me with His grace
And through His Word wipes the tears from my face
Why such love where there should be hate
I really dont know, but in Him I’ll stay

Juan Castillo Jr.


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