Oh my word! (a poem for those who have ever been bored at a sport’s game)


English: A bored person

Oh my word

One more game

One more time to score

But all these games

Get on my nerves

My patience leaves me soar

Have they not seen

Have they not heard

The clock’s slow tick

The bore?

But here I am

Oh my word

I just cant take no more

Hooray! They shout

Their voices soar

A goal!

They’ve tied the score

Yet here I am

Here I remain

Tempted to hit the floor

Oh no!

Look out!

The parents shout

Cheerleading this folklore

But oh my word

My aching back

The pain’s waging its war

Here I am

Another go

Victoriously no more

But dont they know?

Can they see not?

I dream for comfort’s shore.

Juan Castillo Jr.


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