Undress me across the dance (poem)

Dance Club

Dance Club (Photo credit: echobase_2000)

The stillness is near me as the music plays

Loud bumping in the ecstatic night

I’m touched as the dancers come in and out

Shrilled the heart fights

Hiding in places that all see

Wanting for you to look at me

The game begins, we’ll see who wins

The dancers dance and I undress

Garment laid upon my belt reveals my chest

My body moves, I join the dance

In hopes that you complete my stance

And fall into schematic chance

My passion drips upon the floor

Selfish eyes wanting to break through me

You sit across my shore

And in this game it seems your winning

The night is young

Time has not retired

I may end up on top of your fire

You make your move and rise to meet me

Your eyes vain with illusion, promise of height

I cant help but loose, remorseful of this fight

My garments cant hide me

Nor walls protect me.

The mind is lost and the heart is deceived as I follow

The night’s labor comes to fruition in an instant

and for that second I see, the whole event leaves me shallow

you leave

I ache

I’m tempted to start it all again

as I have done all these nights with different fighters

Whom posses that same hollow promise

and at the end leave, spoiling my stash

breaking the walls

crumbling apart

My battle was lost before I even begun.

I see Lord, and I’m coming back.

Juan Castillo Jr.


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