Friday is HERE! WOHOO! Soooo what are your plans for Friday?  That is after you get off work.  That is, if Friday is even your Friday…your Friday could be on Monday…or even Thursday.  Heck maybe everyday is a Friday…or maybe none (that would suck beyond sucking)…actually I don’t think that’s even legal…at least not in the US.  I hope your plans include having fun, enjoying the outlook of an amazing weekend of recreation, relaxation…and meditation? (had to think of something with “ation” in it lol).  Maybe you’re planning to hit up Universal Studios, or maybe the beach. How about bringing out that Grill and cooking some meat…or if you’re a vegetarian, some tofu…grilled tofu….Anyways, maybe you’re planning long days of lounging in absolute laziness….hey, nothing wrong with a lazy day (just as long as is just one max two days).  Or maybe you plan to write a book or read one.  You could even be looking forward to grabbing your camera and go crazy shooting things that move…and those that don’t move…and those that are thinking of moving.  Whatever your plans are, have an AWESOME, Friday. Sooooo Happy Friday! And if today is not your Friday, please accept this rain check from me.

Juan Castillo Jr.


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