The hurt is necessary (poem)

I’ve cut my hand, it bleeds
A wound that’s driven deep
By sharp blades edge it feeds
The torments fear to steep

From rising till I lie
The guilty one is I
Inside the flesh youll find
The tool to make me die

Though strangled this may seem
A game you’ve pondered play
The winner finds no gleam
Nor anchor now to stay

Our candle slowly fades
It’s warmth too far to feel
The distance now it aids
The crawl of walls of steel

The flower, dew it sheds
And many thus til dawn
A solitary state it weds
Cursing now its bonds

Thus time now seems to halt
Veracious fiend it is
Allowing thus pure salt
The hand’s wound make to fizz

The future’s wise advice
Was heeded not for sure
The heart deceived enticed
By the ever changing lure

Thus spare the hand that bleeds
Spare salt and spare its gore
For time reveals the weeds
Now lines the crystal shore

Thus walking cannot be
No, walking is no more
You’ll take the road to see
Yet light is scarce and soar

Juan Castillo Jr.


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