Cover of "Detox (Natural Care Handbook)"

Cover of Detox (Natural Care Handbook)

Have you ever gone through a detox (like a month detox) where you are limited to the foods you eat and then after the detox period is over and you eat food , you realize that food tastes so much sweeter, saltier, fresher, cleaner, or dirtier?  Your taste buds are heightened making you realize how much your taste sense is dulled by toxins in your body and how much “awesomer” (I know, it’s not a real word) food actually tastes.  It makes you wonder why not go through a detox every week just to preserve that taste pallet toxin-free right?  Some people actually do detox every week.

Take this detox sensation and multiply it times 20 then apply it to everything in life.  That is how it feels for me now that I have tasted the Lord.  It’s like good things taste “gooder”, sweet things taste sweeter, love is cleaner and “genuiner”, light is brighter, and yes sad is sadder, pain is in some ways more painful.  It’s like a fog filter has been lifted from all of my senses, emotions, and intellect, and I can taste life in a much richer, sharper, and purer form. I noticed this the other day as I was staring at how the sunrise light was hitting a yellow flower (no camera with at the time so I didn’t take a picture of it..otherwise I probably would have spent quite some time taking pictures of this moment).  It was actually a little flower from a weed; something seemingly insignificant that I would have otherwise just passed by and not given it a thought.  But somehow, this time, I took notice and took in the joy of a gorgeous sight.  It’s like I tasted the sight.  I moved with the melody of its beauty. I heard the color of delight.

Maybe you’re thinking “ok you’ve lost your last screw”…maybe I have.  Maybe the fog that the Lord lifts from people is so rarely done (because narrow is the road) that when it is done, it’s not normal.  So maybe I have lost my last screw.  But if I would have known that losing my last screw tasted this good, I would have tried to lose it long time ago.

I try to take pictures of these moments but I fail (always) to adequately describe the juice that flows from the fruit of the moment.  My pictures are but the rinds of the fruits, an afterthought of a moment.  There’s just no way I can put into pictures or words or poems or whatever mediums the difference that I experience almost on a daily basis.  People ask me, “how do you know that God exists” and I can give all the reasoning from science and from philosophy.  But OH if I could just take what I feel and let someone else feel it, there would be no doubt.  Why?  Because, you see, I never felt like this when I was not with the Lord.  And I only feel these moments when I am actively with him.  When my delight is in Him.  Its almost like being in His presence is the detoxing catalyst that allows me to “taste and see that the Lord is good”.  And OH how good He is.

Juan Castillo Jr.


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