Trains in heaven

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I wonder if there are trains in heaven.  Seriously!  I wonder if the angels and saints get around via holymotion.  I’m sure that, if there are trains in heaven, they would be way cooler than the ones here on earth; definitely cooler than the ones in North America.  The trains in Europe are really nice, but I’m sure that the trains in heaven are cooler than those.  I don’t think I could support a biblical argument for the evidence of train’s existence in heaven.  And if we have glorified bodies with the ability to fly and move through galaxies at faster than light speeds, then I doubt trains would really be needed.  But then again, it would be awesome to ride the Orion express and check out the Orion belt constellation.  Or maybe the Andromeda High speed rail(and it would actually be high speed).  We wouldn’t have to worry about train safety since…well, we won’t die in heaven…so that means that the train can go as fast as it wants and with galaxies, planets, stars all being light-years away from each other it would have to move pretty fast.  The

The Antennae Galaxies are undergoing a collisi...

rails would be made out of pure gold and the window out of a diamond material…but then again, its heaven…I’m thinking too small here.  If there were trains in heaven, the rail would probably be made out of a material I have never seen before driven by a power I have never experienced before with windows made out of…you guessed it…not only have I never seen the material before, but it would be hard for me to tell that the material is actually present.  The designers of these trains would be geniuses since in heaven we will have better minds.  In my mind, I see trains gliding through the galaxies in a spectacle of light and glamor.  Oh and everyone would have a window seat, so the trains would be very, very long.  And none of this baggage checks delay stuff…in heaven, you won’t have to worry about terrorists.  And you know what?  I think God would ride it often, since he would love to be with his children.  And Oh how cool would that be to look out the windows made out of a material I have never seen with God and exclaim at the beauty of what He has made.  And maybe, I can request that He make something else that’s amazing, and just because He can, and He’s God, and He loves me, He would stretch out His hand, and I would witness the very firmament of existence shake as He creates something I had never seen before…and then we would giggle…all from within a train.  There would be no exclusion of animals either, dogs and cats are more than welcome aboard…..and horses, lions, tigers, and bears…oh my! Oh and elephants…yeah they can come too.  I’m sure were not the only ones who would want to see the cosmos…my pet lion would want to too.  And if there are trains in heaven, I would ask God to make a station right next to my mansion.  Oh yes, that way all my friends could come visit whenever they want.  All gazillion of them and of course I would know all their names.  I’m pretty sure they would not need a train to get to my place…they can probably just fly to it….or teleport…but if they arrived via train, well…that would just be cool. Even though in heaven there is probably the technology to make the trains silent, I think I would still like them to make a “train like” sound as they move.  For no particular reason other than it’s just cool to hear.  Cars would be nowhere in sight in heaven…only trains.  And maybe buses…buses are cool too. That would be neat, everyone owns their own train.  The cosmos would be full of these long streams of gorgeous lightrails traveling at speeds never experienced before…that would be awesome!


2 thoughts on “Trains in heaven

  1. ‘Twould be a glorious ride on your Heavenly Train… Thanks for the beautiful imagery (& yes, a wee bit of Holy Hilarity to lighten the day! : ) Grace, Peace & Heavenly Transport – Virginia

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