The gospel is this


English: Coca-Cola 375 mL cans - 24 pack

My pastor preached a sermon a while ago where he made the comparison between Coca Cola and Christians, and how Christians have not done what Coca Cola has successfully done…spread their gospel to the ends of the earth.  As I struggled with this truth, I started comparing the different gospels (the Coca Cola gospel and the Christian Gospel) and in so doing, I dissected the similarities and the differences.  As I struggled through the definitions and lack of understanding on my part, I was literally forced to pray.  “What truly is the gospel ?” I asked.  “is it, freedom from hell because of the acceptance of Jesus?”, I honestly felt God intervene and say ” The gospel is this:  your nature is sin,  and even though you try to do good, its not enough.  The very fact that you try to do good is sinful for I say ‘your good works are as filthy rags ‘-Isaiah 64:6 you can never pay the debt of your sin. EVER.  That’s why I had to pay it.  I had to step out and with my own blood pay your debt for you could never, no matter how hard or sincere you’d be, ever pay the cost of sin.  So, how can you pay a 30 Trillion dollar debt when you work at a 9 dollar an hour job?  You cant!  No matter how good of an employee you are, you will never be good enough to pay 30 Trillion dollars!  What do you think the debt collector will do to you for not being able to pay your debt?  I tell you the truth, the debt collector wont stop until you are utterly destroyed.  But, if the CEO of your company, steps down from his office and pays your debt.  Then you are free indeed.  No more are you under the yoke of the debt collector.  You are free to live a life.  You are free to be the best employee you can be.  And when the CEO moves to his permanent office,  you will go with Him for you are His,  for he bought you with a price.  You are born in debt, there is no way to escape that.  Someone HAS to pay your debt.  I Am that CEO, and I tell you, go and tell the rest that I am willing and able to pay the debt that no matter how hard they try to pay it by their own means, they will never be able to pay.  For I am the CEO.  But know, that when I pay your debt, you will belong to me.  I will raise you to be not only my best employee

Gospel Graffiti II

Gospel Graffiti II (Photo credit: Peat Bakke)

but my son.  Heir to my company.  This, my son is the gospel.  You are bought with a price and you are precious to me.  But if you refuse to accept my payment, and try to pay off the debt on your own, you will find your efforts lacking.  and by the time the debt collector comes, it will be too late.  For He will come to collect, and there is no stopping his rightful payment.”

This my friends is good news.  The gospel is this:  You cant pay, so stop trying.  He is able to pay it all, and He has.  He says, let me buy you, be mine.  His promises are sure, He offers freedom from your debt.  You cant pay it, but you must pay it.  However, He will own you.  He asks for your all.  He asks for a relationship with you, which why wouldn’t you enter into that with someone who has give you sooooo much, even more than what we can handle.  Come to Him.  Come to Jesus.  Don’t give Him just your mind, give Him your heart, strength…give Him your life.  For in James 2:19 we read ” You believe that God is one. You do well; the demons also believe, and shudder.”   Its time to stop running and making excuses, there are no more excuses.

Love you all

Juan Castillo Jr.


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