Good gifts

Dog Looking at and Listening to a Phonograph, ...

Dog Looking at and Listening to a Phonograph, “His Master’s Voice”, The Original RCA Music Puppy Dog Logo Symbol for Advertising (Photo credit: Beverly & Pack)

I am not a parent, nor a husband so more then likely I wont be a parent for a while.  But I use to  have two amazing dogs who stole my heart (and one who was working on it…but that’s another story).  A while ago, me and my roommate went to the store, where we found this absolutely adorable dog toy.  We could not help it, we bought the toy for our dogs.  When we came home, we gave the toy to the dogs (Sashi pretty much took over it though) and before you knew it, Sashi (the older one) was running up and down the apt “sqeecking” away with her brand new toy in her mouth.  It brought me so much joy to see her so happy.  And then literally out of nowhere I felt the Lord say “if you being evil can give good gifts to your children, how much more do I”.   That really hit me because I really enjoyed seeing Sashi happy.  It wasn’t an “oh how cute she looks” kind of happy.  It was a “I would give almost anything to see her this happy always”.  I love my dogs, and her happiness is my happiness.  But even that pales (by far) to the happiness our Dad feels when He gives us good gifts.  We forget that He really does love us.  I mean He is crazy over us.  Daily He lavishes us with good gifts, and its His delight to see us delight in His gifts.  Now what does those gifts look like to you and me?  I don’t know?  I honestly think its more than the material.  But at the same time I feel material gifts play a role as well.  At the end of it all, it just boils down to the fact that God is good.  He is the quintessential example of what good is.  there is nothing that is “gooder”.  There just isnt.  So what more of a gift can God give than Himself, and He already has.  For believers, we have Him.  So how much joy do you think the Father gets from us relishing in His gift which is Himself?  The Lord loves to give us good gifts, and there is no greater gift than Him.  “Chew on that”.

Juan Castillo Jr.


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