The dog and the lazer pointer


Lazers (Photo credit: patdami822)

I was thinking and meditating on a few things when I felt the Lord say this:
“Let’s say you are playing with a lazer pointer and your dog. If you turn on the lazer pointer and point it on the ground, your dog will go after the red dot. You will move it as you will and the dog will follow it, trying to stomp on it, bite it, anything it can do to somehow catch it. But it wont be able. See, if the dog understood that the dot came from the lazer pointer, it would go after the lazer pointer instead of the lazer itself. But it doesn’t. As far as the dog knows, the lazer dot IS the real entity. It does not understand that the dot is just a projection of something else. But you, being superior in intellect, do understand. It is the same way with you and Me. The dog sees the lazer dot through his limited understanding and is convinced that the dot IS. But you know better. Similarly, you see the world through your limited understanding believing that what you see, IS. But I know better. Your scientific proofs and tests all try to analyze projections of what I know more of. You see, I’m the one who holds the lazer pointer. You try to dismiss me based on the projection of things that are not fully revealed. But I know the end of it all for I have the superior intellect. I know more than you. So, when i say “lean not on your own understanding” is because you cant have the understanding I have. In the same way you cant explain the lazer process to your dog, for he wont be able to retain such knowledge, neither can you understand the complexities of what truly is.”


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