A lover’s stroll (Poem)

A stroll with You as the shore sings its song

A trance of glorious moment to walk along

I find a moment is just enough to not be long

And wanting You I have to wait to be gone


Fear from You is but truth that is plainly seen

For you surpass imagination’s crippled dream

To think I can describe you is short of obsene

A bastardized butchery of inadequate scenes


Yet you’ve capture my heart unmerited so

My valiant attempt to guard my wandering soul

Is but foolishness in the great scheme of all

A hobbled attempt to run through the silk lined fall 


Courageously You come through as a my valiant Steed

Your strenght on show displayed for all to see

And You have trotted through the barrage of pits and doubts

To pull me close and feel Your heart beat out.


You shout your affection through the artistry of your hands

Yet hide your face for such beauty I cant comprehend

I ache to run into Your embrace and there let You finally mend

A torn sculpture I am yet Your artistry has no end


Here, take the strong box for only You can break its bind

Possess that which which You’ve possessed all along and in it find

And let this wandering mind finally see that which is inside

Is truly in love forever more, a romance beyond time



Juan Castillo Jr.


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