The cold child and a lost brother (poem)


You’ve traveled so far

I can barely see you

Your slow steady walk

Is as fast as a thought

You’ve made your resolve

Yet you’re now barely breathing

So blind to the touch

So cold to our warmth

A fortress of self

You build masquerading

A placid demeanor

Of treacherous fun

But open your eyes

And see that your bleeding

And let me now wrap

And bandage your burn

Your dreaming of flying

And dreaming your sleeping

But sleep has awakened

Your ego’s deceit

Your wings have been clipped

The knife is now gleaming

And steady it glistens

Though you find you lack feet

You don’t understand

Your walk is not really

The walk that you thought

Will lead to your death

Give heed to the truth

The one that is fleeing

From the hold you have willingly

Tried to thus bed

But though you may want

To take hold of its feeling

The truth will come bite you

In the end it will win.

You murdered the heart

Of the damsel who bleeding

Through crying brought forth

A conclusion of sin

You seem to forget

That the world once stood reeling

As this damsel thus led you

In the path that is safe

But here she fell too

To the sight of heart kneeling

To demands of your torture

To determine her fate

Broken now she is ill

As her cry goes on filling

The air and the forest

With the faintest of jests

For you see oh lost one

The damsel lies beaten

And her death has been caused

And you callously rest

You refuse to see light

Your refusal is merely

The reflection of what

Now abides deep inside

For your blindness has caused

For a death to come streaming

Through the fragment of dreams

Of a mother’s delight

Juan Castillo Jr.


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