Change of Heart (poem)

I’m captivated by the thought

Of all that seems so wrong

My mind is speeding towards

The enemie’s glass song

If all that seems would cease

And if all that ceased thus fold

Than maybe I could see

Towards Your tender hold

But here there seems to be

A sport, enslavement’s glee

A battle to daily fight

Those who seem so many

Cant deny the heavy told

The anguish to now see

That though I wanted it to be

Its just broken humanity

Cant help to guard away

The creveces by which to come

Through my gates and thus into

The place where im undone

The world enjoys its sport

A bit too much it seems

Therefore I’ll guard my wall so well

And sew loose ends seams

Must show light towards the plains

So darkness will thus flee

But let them not think for a moment

That in me they will be

My guards are up my wall erected

The gate is high and strong

I swear I’ll high guard all entrances

Though many’ll think its wrong

I’ll paint the outter gates

A soothing color scheme

To please the eyes of those who hate

And fool them into being

But lo, you see, how far are you

Away from what is dear?

Don’t think youll ever see

No, you wont ever come near.


I cant help but to see

How broken some can be

The ones that stand outside my walls

The ones so far from me.

These walls I thought protected

And here I seem affected

In ways I thought I would enjoy

And now my heart’s corrected

I see your pain lost soul

The pain you fail to see

Yet stricken now I am by you

For helping you’s my key

Don’t want these gates to open

For I know just what that means

That which I’ve kept from breaking

I’ll have to let you see

I did that long ago

I did it faithfully

Yet those who saw just took hold

Carelessly trampelling painfully


Here I go again to open the gates to a world that seems in need

Here I go again a march thus begins to take hold and turn the key

Of the lock so old I placed it myself to a gate so high so strong

And I’ll swing the door and thus open me wide to a call from which I’ve run.

Juan Castillo Jr.


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