Lacerated (A poem)

I’m lacerated 

I fall

I see my blood upon the ground

and when all has stood to a crawl

my strength just cant be found


I feel his breath

Hes near

My eyes are wide and full of fear

Im tempted to hand my bow

My sword lay down, give in to tears


I hear his laugh

Hes moved with grace

A trained warrior a hardened face

His sword is placed against my fate

Im crushed underneath the weight


I muster all the strenght thats left

To move aside a last attempt

To save my soul away from his cleft 

I fail and am lacerated once again

My blood is spread against the dark bend


My time is near

I sence it so.

And thus I close my eyes and expect the blow

The one that will end my chance to sow

And thus enslave my soul


And here, a gleem of light goes through my thoughts

A gesture that had never occured to see

To reach out my hand to one who is stronger than me

To rescue whats left and set me free

To give my plea


No strength left  cant raise my hand

I fear for the time draws near to meet my end

What sign can I do to request the help from You

My heart cries out, yet I cant speak

Am I already gone through?


I hear a sound behind me

The world infront of me goes black.

And all is still

Blood trickles down my back

Now my body feels no slack


Yet in the midst of the dark I feel a tugg

A strong pull towards rising

Not of my will, out of the mud

Created by the poodle of blood

And slowly I start stirring


As I rise I see

The darkness overtaking me

Is not of death but of shadow 

Of One behind my battle

The ground still reflects my struggle


I turn to face the caster

A horrid sight awaits me

For never have I seen something so frightning

Yet so stricking

In awe I fall gasping


A mountain tall and wide

With eyes of fire and countenance of light

A sword spears out his mouth

And when he speaks all fears and doubts

Are drawn clear and out


I dare not look up, my body shackes in terror

The sight is like nothing I have ever seen

Could I have been wrong, in error?

Was this part of a frightening dream

A desperate attempt of my final destination’s gleam?


But his voice assures me, of the fear i felt before

His reality is not to be underscored

In front of me he stands

He is the Lord

He is the Lord


In His presence I see what I am

And finally see what has been done

For the shadow was not my passing

It was his cover and his blessing

Under His wings I was all along resting


The stillness I felt was not my sentence

It was his power calming my senses 

And in that moment, His greatness saved me

From my foes encampment

My Lord tore down his fences


The blood I felt was not my own.

That final blow He took to save my soul

His blood spatterd on me, a blow undeserved

But he took it and called me son

Redeeming thus what i had undone


And now, he stands before

Nothing else compares to the might

The world seems to bend at the blast of his Light

Yet anger is nowhere in sight

He speaks and my heart is set alight


I feel an embrace, and rise to meet the sight of a road

Im clothed in new garments and my wounds are healed

Yet scars remain to remind me of the battlefield

And in the distance I see other who are battleling still

Little do they know, all they have to do is ask and be still.


To them I must go

To tell them of the warrior who saved me

The one who loved me enough to take the blow so I could see

That the enemy is not all hes cracked up to be

But in His light, the shadow of protection will forever be



Juan Castillo Jr


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