I will trust in You

Scared child

Scared child (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Father, the hour aproaches and my fear is trying to choke me.

The promises that I feel came from you flash across my mind, and my eyes and my ears.

But the question of wehther these were from You or not lingers.  A distant neusance that clouds my peace.

Yet, in this moment.  I choose to trust You.

Has there been a time that you have failed me?

Have I ever been disapointed in your leading?

Even when I did not understand, in the end, you proved to be right!

Oh God.  The Lord who called me out of darkness and gave me a new name.

The One who has clothed me in new clothes and who daily lavishes me with so much love.

How foolish am I to doubt!

Give me Your strenght to trust your lead!

I fear the excitment rising within me.

I dread the possibility of rising in the morning, only to find a door shut.

A door, that I very much want open.

But You oh God.

Are You not the One who turns people’s hearts like you turn the rivers?

Can anyone or anything truly resist Your will?

May such foolishness depart from my mind!

You are God!

What God can compare to you Mighty Lord of Hosts!

What wall can possibly resit to your battering ram!

What army has an incling of power to match yours!

Can the will of man prevail against yours?

Is my fate not locked inside your hands?

Did you not love me before the foundation of the world

and am I not loved still?

I am your child, beloved by you.

Loved with a love unknown to men.

Who can stand between me and You!

If there is a mountain between us, will you not level it just to get to me?

Your love is better than wine

and no honey is as sweet as You.

Therefore, though my foolish heart tells me to fear, I will not

I will rest in You and You alone

For You alone are Omnipotent, and there is nothing that can stand up to You.

May You be Glorified my most awesome Father.

May this be an ocassion to demonstrate your power and make known that truly You are God

and there is truly no God like You.


2 thoughts on “I will trust in You

  1. Hey JCGator, Keep up the good work! Your openness, sincerity, and willingness to help others with a flow of words is going to help some people! Congratulations and may Christ reward, help and sustain you. From, Mike, a friend

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