Chick Fil-A and Marriage. My response


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Ok so a few of you have been asking me why I supported Chick Fil-A.  So I figured I would write this blog to answer some questions and explain my view on the whole issue.  This is in response to some of the Facebook comments I’ve received and some messages.

Now before I go on, I am going to warn you, the reader.  First, I’m going to try to be as honest as possible.  With that said, I can almost assure you that I am about to offend you no matter what side of the issue you are on.  I hope however, you can hear me out and at least understand where I’m coming from.

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Ok let’s begin.

I want to start of first of all by addressing one thing.  According to Websters dictionary, Hate is:a : intense hostility and aversion usually deriving from fear, anger, or sense of injuryb : extreme dislike or antipathy : loathing <had a great hateof hard work>

2: an object of hatred <a generation whose finest hate had been big business — F. L. Paxson>

The gay community keeps accusing Christians of Hate.  I disagree with this, we have our views but to say that we HATE you because we disagree on something is unreasonable and unfounded.  My best friend in the whole world whom I would give my life if I had to is openly gay.  I love the heck out of this guy, unashamedly.  For some group to tell me that I HATE him is offensive.  Moreover, we have our differences (obviously) but at the end of the day I respect him as much as he respects me.  There is no Hate, there is only a difference.

So, now that we have that straight, let’s talk about marriage (and here I warn you, you probably will be offended).

The truth is, I disagree with both sides on the issue of marriage.  On the one hand, The Gay and Lesbian community want to use this issue to label and bully (yes bully) the Christian community for their belief on marriage.  Accusing us of hate (as stated above) and boycotting businesses because of our beliefs.   It’s hypocritical to act this way when this community is constantly speaking of the victimization they endure from the right wing conservatives; especially when this community preaches “equality”.   Equality, for whom?  Only you?  As someone who has lived and partaken in the gay community, is easy for me to see the disparity on the fact that when an issue is somehow against the gay community, it is hate or “Anti-gay”, yet when it’s for the gay community, its somehow good.  Where is the chance to disagree on anything?  Why can’t you, gay community, separate an issue from a person?  Or what, do you think that you guys don’t do it too?  Recently I was told that I tend to stereotype the homosexual community due to my experience, an observation that I have to confess is true. I don’t intentionally do it, but after reading my blogs I realized, this person was right.  However, on the same premise, I realized that the gay community does the same thing.  So I guess my question for you guys is: who has the right to “hate”.  You obviously do it, and apparently so do we, so who has the right to hate?

And now for the other side.  In spite of my criticism of the homosexual community, I believe, they do have a point.  Their request to marry really is not as grievous as we make it out to be.  I understand that marriage is a picture of the Union of Christ with the Church.  But they don’t hold to those standards nor should we even try to force them to.  Our call is to reach people for Christ.  We are not going to do that by making same sex marriage our outreach platform.  We need to make Christ our platform.  That God calls us to holiness? Of course.  However, remember Christ’s ministry here on earth?  He never spoke about the corruptness of the government….not once.  He was rarely political.  His major beef was with the Pharisees, for THEY had the charge to lead the people to God and they instead used it for politics and power.  God was furious with them.  However, when he approached a sinner, it was with the utmost gentleness.  Because he knew, that the main thing was and still is, relationship with the father.  I say, if homosexuals want to marry, let them.  We cannot force someone to act in a nature that is not theirs.  This will not bring them closer to Christ.  If they accept Christ, then we can speak and admonish them for they become family.  But like a wise person once told me, “they won’t care how much you know, until they know how much you care.”  We need to care.  We need to love.  And as someone who has experienced persecution for what I’ve gone through, I know very well how “unloving” the church can be.  So, I don’t know how far this blog will go, or who will read it.  But, I hope that you can see that this issue of gay marriage is diverting us from the main goal, which is Jesus.  Forcing righteousness on someone will not turn them to Jesus.  Jesus will turn them to righteousness, but even Jesus, doesn’t force himself on someone and if our master and King doesn’t do it; neither should we.  The apostles were never political in the sense of political practice.  They were vocal about their faith, and that on Jesus, not on whether Rome should use slaves in the games or whatever else.  And when debates arose, it was never about religious practice from a Christian to a non-Christian, it was always about religious practice from a Christian to another claiming Christian.   Therefore, brothers and sisters in Christ, I admonish you.  Let the main thing be the main thing and that is Jesus.  I could care less about whether the homosexual community marries or not.  My God is bigger than that.

So why then did I support Chick Fil-A?  Easy.  Even though the marriage debate is not really an issue I make a point in engaging, the fact that the homosexual community has risen together to harm a brother in Christ will not go unnoticed.  Ultimately, I belong to the body of Christ.  And in spite of the fact that this issue is really not something I consider worthy of my time in though, the support of my Christian brother is; especially when they are the victims of hate.

I hope this answers the questions (and comments) I have received.  Please feel free to ask any other question you may have if you so care to.  I am not offended in the least bit….(well maybe a little at the people that tell me that I HATE my best friend).  And I hope that, even though I am sure I have offended some, you may take this, meditate on it, agree or disagree, but in the end, Love me in spite of it

Juan Castillo Jr.


5 thoughts on “Chick Fil-A and Marriage. My response

  1. “Our call is to reach people for Christ. We are not going to do that by making same sex marriage our outreach platform. We need to make Christ our platform.” thanks for some insights!

  2. Hi Juan, I’d like to take a moment to address some issues you’ve raised and point out some misunderstandings I think you show about the debate.

    What bothers me most about your post is that you base it on the assumption that gays and lesbians are not Christian. You couch your argument in terms of loving sinners in an attempt to “bring them closer to Christ.” But what I think you fail to realize is that most gay and lesbian individuals are, in fact, Christian; they are as close to Christ as you, and you are as much of a sinner as they. Like any segment of society, there are gay atheists, gay Muslims, gay Jews…and gay Christians. There are gay priests, ministers, monks, clergy, youth pastors, nuns, and choir directors. A homosexual person has the same ability to enjoy a close relationship with Christ as you do. To presume that your job is to “bring them closer to Christ” is, politely, arrogant.

    You then base your support of Chick-Fil-A on the fact that you are supporting your “Christian brother” who is being “harmed” by the gay community. Sadly, you support one brother only to spite another. Chick-Fil-A will survive today, tomorrow, and next month with or without your support. They are a corporation run by profits, nothing more. But what about the community of your brothers in Christ, of human beings, who are equally “victims of hate,” who are prohibited from openly loving who they love (and sharing that love in Christ) because corporations like Chick-Fil-A spend millions of dollars per year lobbying to prevent marriage equality? I find it hard to reconcile supporting the Christian corporation instead of the Christian human being.

    I’ll end by saying that I understand you don’t hate anyone. But you support a movement that does, a movement that overtly aims at oppressing the free will of others. I hope you come to shed yourself of the assumptions based in your post because, like you, I know your God is bigger than that.

    • Hi Steve!
      First of all, Thank you GREATLY for your response. Honestly, I really do appreciate it. I have chewed on what you have said so I want respond.

      I do believe some homosexuals are christians. I actually know a few. My intention is not to say that no homosexual is a christian. With that said, I do believe that scripture says homosexuality is sin. However, christians sin…all the time. We are all purchased of God and even though this does not give us a licence to sin, it does not take away our statuses as children of God. For we are bought with a price, and salvation is by what God did and that alone.
      However, I do see what you are saying. My literacy capabilities are needless to say faulty. My intention is to say that those who need Christ in the gay community will not be turned on to Christ by the actions of our current behavior.

      As for me being arrogant, I must agree with you. I have been accused of this many times in many ways. both while I was in the gay community and in the christian community. Its something that I have truly been working on. So please accept my apologies for being arrogant. However, please also understand that as a christian, I do have a commandment to go and preach the gospel. Which in turn brings people to Christ. Again, my intention is not to say that I somehow have the ability (because of my awesome righteousness) to bring people to Christ, not at all. However, what I do say is that If I preach Christ, I dont want my actions to smear the true picture of Christ. I want people to see Him, and to know Him. Because above homosexuality, heterosexuality, bi sexuality, is Christ and Him alone. All I can do is preach Christ. Which leads me to my next point.
      Believe it or not, I decided not to go to Chick Fil-A. Due to a lot praying, meditating, and conversations (to make a long story short) I have come to agree with what you said. The action to go to Chick Fil-A in my opinion would not have really served the purpose of love. I do believe that the CEO was being bullied, however, as Christians, we are bought with a price and our main goal is not to fight for our rights or our personal gains, is to fight for souls…which means we have to sacrifice, like Christ did. If our first ammendments get taken, so what? Our rights are in Christ (and this includes homosexual christians as well). Therefore, like my pastor has expertly said in the blog I re-bloged. I need to “brush my teeth” because my “breath” stinks. On that note. I apologize to you, and to the homosexual community. “I am so sorry today for all the hatred that Christians have dished out toward gays. I am so sorry for all of the homophobic sarcasm that has come from the pulpits of Christian ministers. I am so sorry for the way we pick and choose which sins to condemn. I am so sorry that we have claimed to follow Jesus while we neglected widows and orphans, and then engaged in gossip and gluttony. I am so sorry that we have provided such a bad example for the rest of society to follow. I’m embarrassed, I’m ashamed, and I repent. I’m serious. I repent.”- Mike Patz. My pastor said this, but I echo whole heartedly. I know you and I Steve may never really fully agree on things. But please know, above any and all disagreements, I love you and all the homosexual community and I sincerely mean that.
      Again Steve, thank you GREATLY for your response. I have and am still growing from all of this, which is good. Really good.


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