Little poor peep (poem)

English: Turkey chick

I’m tired indeed

Said the poor Little Peep

As he started to go out and play

My arms start to hurt

And my legs start to ache

As I find myself playing all day

So ill rest here a bit

Said the poor Little Peep

As his legs gave their hold on the hay

Ill lay here real still

Ti’l soon I will feel

The desire to play once again

So the poor Little Peep

Exhausted in sleep

Laid down on the eve of May

Little not knowing

Yet surely thus stirring

The sky turned fast to dark gray

But poor Little Peep

So fast asleep

Did not know that the trees now swayed

So tired was he

That poor Little Peep

Unable to wake and him save

The sky thus turned dark

As lightning from far

Lit up the ominous day

But poor Little Peep

In dreams he laid deep

Unable to see he cant stay

A shout from above

The dreaded sound of

The fury of tempest and storm

And now Little Peep

Awakening from sleep

Is caught in a current of war

And struggling to keep

This poor Little Peep

Alive and bring him to shore

A single Wood Chip

Came along in a jip

To lend his buoyancy towards

The poor Little Peep

Miserable he

All wet and caught in the storm

But saved by the act

Of the single Wood Chip

Now wanting to inform

He tweets to his peeps

This little poor Peep

To see if they are safe and warm

But wanting to play

The peeps played all day

And had no strength to hang on

Juan Castillo Jr.


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