Amaranthine hope (poem)

I wish in the wishing to have the purest of hearts

I wish in my wishing to not have stepped in the dark

I wish in this wishing a run far from here

Yet wishing I’m wasting away in my fears

Still longing I’m longing to draw ever so near

In longing desire thus color my tears

For wantings’ a strongman and Im but a tare

I long Your embrance and be with You there

My weakness thus cripple, Im brought to my knees

Ineptly I fumble and clash the Unseen

For strenght I am lacking thus now I can’t wean

My feebleness showing ere torn is my spleen

Corruption of heart in vivid is seen

Cantankerous will, malignifant fiend

Thwarting attempts meracious to be

With cancerous darkness contaging my need

But hope is not lacking, nay hope is now seen

I’m hoping this moment in You to be clean

For hope is not twarted by darkness’ dark schemes

In darkness hope shines awakening my dreams

Juan Castillo Jr.


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