Sin, my foe, Personafied and dead (poem)

Your taunt is unwanted

And thus now I’m guarded

Preparing to rip out your soul and there burn it

I’ve taken you lightly

In this you find safety

No more will this tolerate true, you wont break me

I’m drawing my line

Preparing my strides

Arraying my gear for the battle to find

You wont stay alive

My prize your demise

Before this life’s over you wont stand my sight

Declare I, its war

Your face to abhor

My hatred towards you will now be my lore

In comfort you’ve dwelt

In hiding, death’s stealth

Here now I bring light to your faceted hell

For fury is mine

And yes its divine

No longer to struggle, I’ve now crossed your line

Your death is assured

To run is absurd

This war will now crush the life you’ve thus turned

In lies I have dwelt

For fear of your pelts

But now I see I posses strength in great wealth

My soul is not torn

Revived to come forth

And steadily battle from the South to the North

With the strikes of the Word

And the Sword of great woe

Your destruction is assured to bring you down low

To skin you alive

Will be my great prize

As your dying eyes shimmer I will laugh at the sight

For your torment will cease

From you ill be free

No longer in comfort but battling thee

Juan Castillo


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