Gideon’s paradox?

Gédéon (vers 1550), huiles sur bois de Martin ...

Judges 6:11-40

I love the way God’s Word can say so much in so little.  I will not try to expound upon all its riches in this note I assure you, so you can rest easy.  However, I do want to bring your attention to something very spectacular.  Very spectacular indeed.  In Judges 6:11-40 we find the story of Gideon.  One of the Judges of Israel (hence why hes in the book of Judges).  If you read this chapter you will realize a few things about Gideon.

1.  He struggled with fear.

v15 shows us how he did not have confidence in his strenght to defeat the Midianites

v27 is probably the most telling vs.  as it accounts his fear to do that which God told him to do in the face of people.

2.  He struggled with doubt

v13 here he questions the Angel of the Lord

v15 more doubt

v17 more doubt

v37-40 its just a big doubt episode

So yes, Gideon struggled with doubt.

And yet it is to this doubting fearful man that the Lord calls “O valiant warrior” (v12).  Ok I dont know if its just me but last time I remember “valiant” and fearful are antonyms are they not?  Usually Antonyms contradict each other.  How about the warrior part.   Warrior as in someone who is willing to fight, yet in v14-16 we find that Gideon is willing to do everything but fight since he does not feel strong enough.  Was God mistaken?  All you have to do is read the rest of the story to realize He was not.

However, If you are not careful you will miss something absolutely spectacular (yes I like that word).  You ready for it?  God called Gideon a Valiant Warrior, but he was not a valiant warrior. or was he?

Side track with me

Read Genesis 1:3

What did God do here?  Can you see it?

ok now read Genesis 1:6-7

again what did God do here?  heres a hint.  Do not confuse the results with the action.

ok now think about whats going on.  What happens when God speaks?…theres results.  Something happens.  And what happens is what God has said.  let there be light and there was light

let there be an expanse and it was so

let ther birds reproduce and it was so

and so on.

We find that the Word of God…the words that proceed out of His mouth, have power.

Now back to Gideon.

God called Gideon a valiant warrior.  God  spoke unto Gideon.

you see Gideon was a valiant man, not because he was such an amazing warrior.  Or because he was so brave, or what have you.  Gideon was a valiant warrior because God spoke that over his life.  And once the Lord said it, it was so…just like in Genesis, except now he created valor where there was none in a man called Gideon.


The point is guys, I feel, God is constantly speaking things in our lives.  We do ourselves a diservice when we look at our own weakness for these are only perceived.  If God has called you to be someone, wether it be a leader, or teacher, or prophet, or hunter whatever it may be.  Rest assured, thats what you are.  And your fear or misgivings concerning your inadequacy in accomplishing your calling is, to be blunt, irrelevant.

read Judges 6:34

Here we see that the spirit of the Lord came upon Gideon to do that which the Lord had spoken over him.  So really nothing was up to Gideon.  Everything was up to God.

Its the same with us.  God’s spirit in us accomplishes His will in us and through us.  We are not to do thing in our limited mind’s imagination.  If God has placed a desire in your heart to do something great, and you feel like you cant because somehow you feel inadequate or incapable, rest assured that the Lord makes no mistakes.

If He has called you, it is done.  Being fearful about it is a waste of time (that sounds harsh…not intended to be though).

To conclude,

know this.  The Lord’s words are powerful.  And since we are His children, we can rest assured that many Words are spoken into us on a daily basis.  Words of life, strength, courage, help, the list goes on.  We can rest assured that God has his developing eye on us and develop us He will.

As one of my Favorite passages in scriptures states Jer. 29:11 (you could probably quote it from memory, but dont let this simple truth escape in the obscurity of similarity) that God knows the plans He has for us..and its for Good….

Trust me, you do not need to be afraid of God’s calling on your life.  He is not going to call you into something that is going to make you miserable!  Gideon probably thought so, but after it was said and done, Gideon came out being one of the most important Judges in Israel.

Think about this, know that our God is good.  He is SO just so ridiculously Good.  So come “taste and see that the Lord is good” (Psalm 34:8 in case you are wondering)

Much Love

Juan Castillo Jr.


2 thoughts on “Gideon’s paradox?

  1. I so love the story of Gideon- partly because I can relate. You did it justice friend! God’s power and empowerment are absolutely amazing. Thanks so much for the inspiration and encouragement today. 🙂

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