A prayer’s battle (poem)

English: Illustration to Tennyson's "St. ...

A life in a time of noise

A life devoid of quiet

Where noise and turmoil reign

And saints cant bear the silence

A time of Communion sweet

Marred by music’s heap

A wasted space of time

Engrossed distractions keep

Deceptively it plays

Melodious tunes of truth

A half hearted attempt

To seek the One that’s You

Commanded to You seek

Yet not ushered to Your keep

Distracted by the noise

And tempted to now sleep

OH lead me now Lord, lead

For You I long to seek

But here distraction reigns

I find it hard to meet

If all would fade away

The glam and all the noise

To find myself in you alway

Without raising my voice

OH that this world would cease its speaking

I’m tired of its repetitive lies

In you to find my resting

And silence to be a friend of mine

Juan Castillo Jr.


One thought on “A prayer’s battle (poem)

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