Don’t let it (poem)


You have no idea do you

Nor can you guess

You strive to understand

Yet wind up in a mess

But here it is, take hold

The past you leave behind

Will try to search and find

And in you hide

But don’t let it

Here it is plain as day

Not hiding behind words ill say

Don’t let it

You have been redeemed

The worst has been destroyed

Whatever promise the pass has

For you has been endured

The lashes, gaps He bore

A painful way and no lore

To abolish sinful’s lure

So don’t let it

Embrace the liberty and move

Don’t stay in the place where you loose

Pick up your cross

Don’t let it fall

No pick it up and choose

To walk the narrow road in freedom

But don’t listen to voice of demons

Telling you lies of failure and defeat

You are redeemed

So choose to walk and don’t look back

Rather run pass the finish line

And don’t look back

Don’t look back

Don’t let it.

Juan Castillo jr.


One thought on “Don’t let it (poem)

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