When the brokenhearted love again (Song analyses)



Hey guys!

This is the first analysis if you will on songs that are not about God but if taken in the context of God would just be amazingly awesome!  I love to listen to music whether it be Christian or secular.  Sometimes, I find myself singing songs that are not meant for God, to God. To me these songs take on a whole different meaning.  Id figure it’s time to share these songs.  Who knows, maybe these analysis will bless someone else.  Hope you enjoy. And please feel free to leave comments.  I do enjoy reading them

So the format will go as follows.  I will provide the lyrics of the song and then Ill provide the comments so that you guys can see how this song (In my mind anyways) can be directed towards God.  Then if there is a link to a video or an actual song, ill post it at the end of the analyses so you guys can hear what the song actually sounds like.  Hope you guys enjoy this


First song, woot woot!

Artist:  Danielle Bollinger

Song Title:  When the Broken Hearted Love Again

I know a man who hides out in his room

His only friends the silence and the gloom

I don’t know what reduced him to this fate

I only pray for him to find the strength


The strength he needs for his survival

To make it to this day’s arrival



They’ll be singing till the night comes to an end

When the broken hearted love again

Every angel up in heaven will descend

When the broken hearted love again

Yes, we’re gonna have a party like there’s never been

When the broken hearted love again

All the broken hearted people

When the broken hearted love again


I know a girl who thinks she sold her soul

Sold it to a man who’s hands are cold

But every night before she goes to bed

She hears the sweetest voices in her head

Telling her it’s time to start living

Telling her that all will be forgiven



I like this song because even though its already touching on a moral issue.  If read in the context of “kingdom come” it take a whole new marvelous meaning.  Check this out.

“they’ll be singing till the night comes to an end”  could mean  “night” being this present age of darkness.  We as believers sing for the anticipation of the night ending.

“when the brokenhearted love again” could mean “brokenhearted” those who anticipate and long for their Lord Jesus.  Our Love now is not full, only when our God returns will our love be full.  Therefore,  “when the broken hearted love again” can be interpreted as those who long for their savior, will love again when their savior returns.  The Love referring to that perfect love between the savior and the bride (church)

“Where gonna have a party like its never been”  uh, yeah.  Marriage supper of the Lamb will definitely be a party likes its never been.

Overall I could take this song and place it into the context of the final day.  Which would give the man in his room hope because there will be a day where they’ll be no gloom and for the girl that thinks she sold her soul.  That mistake is something that the Lord has forgiven and thus they and all of us who know Him can sing because we, the brokenhearted will love again, and we will enjoy a party like its never been.

I was able to find a Youtube video of this song at:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ztc6HFY7Ahc



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