Confidence in God

Christ in Gethsemane (Christus in Gethsemane),...

There is confidence in the Lord.  The temptation is to look at what you do wrong and get discouraged at how far you are from His holiness.  As an unbeliever, this is a good thing since this shows the need for salvation.  But for a believer this is not good.  We are not under condemnation.  If we act like we are we effectively say “The Lord’s sacrifice was not enough”.  But the truth is His sacrifice was enough for all of our sins.  We forget that it was God Himself that died.  Not some prophet or good man even though some would want to believe that that’s all He was. No!  It was God Himself.  The One who rose from the dead thus defeating the power of death so that He may offer eternal life to all who would but believe.  And don’t you think that this God who died on the cross and is alive, knew everyone’s sins while He was on the cross.  He is God thus Omniscient (all knowing).  Yet as the scriptures says “while we were yet sinners Christ died for us” and “their is therefore now no condemnation to those who are in Christ Jesus“.

The funny thing about all this is that the world judges us harsher than God.  When we fall, God says “I payed for that” but the world says “you hypocrite!”.  Remember, satan is an accuser.  He will always look for ways to accuse us.  To destroy us by words and actions.  But “we have an advocate with the Father“.  Don’t be fooled Christians!  There is nothing that you can do that can “separate you from the love of God”.  NOTHING!  That is of course if you truly belong to Him.  I am not speaking to you who play the church game.  Who go about confessing religion out of habit or duty, so as to feel as if you are a good person.  For the scriptures say “there is non who are righteous no not one”.  But I speak to you who are in love with the Lord and who diligently seek to do His will.  At times you fall and let shame and guilt ravage your life.  Shame and guilt are not from God.  Christ took our Shame.  Christ took our Guilt!  But the scriptures say “it’s His goodness that leads you to repentance”.  What manner of love is this!  We can’t comprehend the kind of love that God has towards His children.  Even to those who seem to be the most unwanted.  God is rich in love.  We cannot out love Him!  So be confident in this:  The Lord knew you since before you were born.  He knew all the things you would do and may still be doing.  And He still said “I love you” and died (and rose again…WOOT WOOT).  Your sins are forgiven…All of them.  Not one can nor will surprise God.  It’s not like He’s up there somewhere thinking to himself “I never though my child could do such a thing!”.  Yes, you are His and you are loved and forgiven.  Just don’t let this be an excuse for unholy living.  Strive to do His will for this is right.  If you fall, repent and keep going.  Repent for the sake of the Spirit so that you may walk in the Spirit and not fulfill the lust of the flesh.  God our Father is Holy and so we, His children, must be too.

Walk in His love.  Strive for His will.  And when you fall and the enemy accuses you, know that it has been paid for.  Be free my brothers and sisters.  Be free!

With much love (but not as much as Jesus….yeah he kinda has a monopoly on that one 🙂 ),

Juan Castillo Jr.


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