No more hiding from the call (poem)

Last Call

Last Call (Photo credit: eefeewahfah)

Looking at the mirror’s face

I see my own yet won’t embrace

The one I see, his name, his fate

Is caught omniosuly thus longing waits

The call goes out for me to take

The stubborn road of bend and scrapes

My heart ignites, my flame escapes

I thrust into the darkness gates

The mirror lies for here I see

It hides the truth that I’m to be

For God has called and thus I’m free

His call I hear, become my glee

Thus take my hands and make them be

The instrument of love in grace and peace

Guide my feet to walk towards thee

And in this walk many to see

Ill call to them, heavens mouth piece

Ill be for You, my heart thus beats

The comfort You have given me

I want to give to those in need

Thus give me Grace, Truth and Love

Give me power from above

Let me be the fury of

The judgemnt to the lie thus caused

In you ill rise to meet the fiend

To grab thus hold and make him bleed

Destroy his gates bring down his steed

Proclaim You Lord eternal King

May freedom rise to meet those dead

And in their graves may they live instead

Let them rise from death to life you fed

Thus rise to see that You they’ve met

Juan  Castillo


3 thoughts on “No more hiding from the call (poem)

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