Sin is not the issue

I sought on earth a garden of delight

I sought on earth a garden of delight (Photo credit: Wikipedia)



Prov 23:26 says “Give me your heart, my son, and let your eyes delight in my ways”.

What’s the big deal about this verse you may ask?  I’m glad you did 🙂

It doesn’t take much to show us that we are fallen creatures that make mistakes.  Actually we are quite comfortable with this description of ourselves.  The problem however lies when we approach God with this description before us.  We know God is Holy.  We know that Sin and God don’t mix.  And so almost instinctively we try to somehow fix or clean ourselves before we feel ready or able to approach God.  This may sound noble but in reality is not.  We fool ourselves into thinking that we can ever fix ourselves enough to justify a communion with a Holy God.  And here is where the Good news lies.

Read the verse again;

“Give me your heart,, my son, and let your eyes delight in my ways”

Do you see?  God is calling for our hearts not our actions.  Let me explain:

When we read the verse we can tell its divided into two parts.  “Give me your heart” and “Let your eyes delight in my way”.  The first thing God asks of us is to give Him

Eye death

Eye death (Photo credit: @Doug88888)

our hearts.  Don’t miss this:

Giving God our hearts does not represent a cleaning of it.  He wants our hearts just the way they are.  He does not say in the verse “cleanse your heart and give it to me”….no!  He says, “Give me your heart”  like right now, as is, blackened, fallen, and in need of repair.  God wants your heart, right now, as is.

See, God is not calling you to “Holyfy” (I made up this word lol) yourself.  Why?  because you cant.  We as humans are naturally bad.  Its the truth.  Think about a baby.  Do you have to teach the baby to throw his spoon at you when he or she is mad? lol no.  He does that all on his own.  A reflection of the nature of man.  You cannot change nature. You can hide maybe but permanently change it? no.  Therefore, God does not ask you to.  What He says, is to give him your nature, your heart.

So what does this mean for you?  It’s simple really.  It means that God wants you now.  Right now.  Even as you are reading this.  He longs, has always longed for you.  Those times that you have felt that need to come to God but always refused because you somehow “feel like you need to take care of things in your life” are times that you have fallen into the lie.  There is never anything that you can do to get yourself ready for God except to give Him your heart, as is.

What about your sins?

That’s the second part of the verse which says “and let your eyes delight in my ways”.  The funny thing about this wording is God says “let your eyes delight in my ways”  its almost as if your eyes are trying to do something and you are holding them back from doing it and God is saying “Let them do it!”.  To delight in God is not natural for man. (shocker).  So for us to willingly desire to delight in God is…well not natural.  Which means, our nature has to be changed in order to do it.  So if you read the verse again you can start seeing a connection between the first part and the second.

“Give me your heart my son and let your eyes delight in my way”

Give me your heart (as is, don’t try to clean it) my son and let your eyes delight (reflection of the work that I do in your heart) in my way.

Case in point?

Baked cheesecake with raspberries and blueberrie

Baked cheesecake with raspberries and blueberrie (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Your heart is the key, to delight or your actions is a reflection of what God does in your heart when you give it to Him.  But you must give it to Him.  You cant, wont delight in God until you do.  And by the way, delight is more than just “I believe in God”.  For example:  I LOVE Cheesecake, especially when Lee makes them :).  For me to stuff my face with Cheesecake is a delight that I welcome any day of the week, any hour, any minute, heck any second.  This delight is not a delight that says “I believe in cheesecake”  I mean I do, but more than that, I eat it, and enjoy it.  God on a much higher scale is similar.  You can believe all you want in Him, and stay on the side lines looking in and never taking in.  God doesn’t call you to look in.  He is calling you to take part of what He wants to do in you.  But, you cant do it, only He can.  Therefore He asks for your heart.  So that He can do in you, what you can never do in yourself; transform you.

God says: “today is the day of salvation”  God does not procrastinate.  Trust me, He is calling you and He is calling you now.  Right now.  As is.

Juan Castillo Jr.


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