When whats broken walks with God (A heart felt poem)

Daddio, hello, can you walk with me a bit?
I have some things on mind and I cant stand to sit
Do you remember long ago, the boy I used to be?
What did you think of me back then? where you happy with me?
I think I grew up all weird, Im not like the other guys
I wonder did you planned it so or am I in disguise
There are feelings at times that I cant express, and feelings I cant let go
And I struggle so much, to you impress, I want in you to grow
Dad I’m sorry if my speech lacks wisdom for foolish I know I am
But I thought that you would not mind the chat, seeing you’re my true friend
I remember a time when the children all laughed for I acted so weird in their eyes
And yet I could not hide the hurt their words caused no matter how much I cried.
And in time, as i grew taller, stronger, the physical truly changed
But inside somehow, dont know why, I managed to stay the same
The wounds the children’s songs brought forth, the ones concerning me
Did not go away, nor did they heal, from these I could not break free
As I grew to an age where I saw you at last, and in you found I could hide
I wanted to change, i wanted to be, just like any normal guy
Yet, remember, the ones who called on your name, remember what they used to say?
The very same things, that the children sung, just sung in a different way
And now I remember, my foolish mistake, to flee my brothers’ laughs
Im sorry forever, ill say it again, im sorry to run so fast
Cant help the remembrance of the years I spent, running from you in vain
For all I caused in my foolish attempt was just bondage to more pain
The world, it just toyed with me, for so long I couldn’t be
The friendship I enjoyed with Thee now silenced to apathy
For so long I hid myself from you, thinking you were hiding from me
I was so lost, so hurt, so far, so spent, even when I tried to see
Do you remember the times, that you broke through my hate, when I didn’t want to see you?
You reminded me that, even if i ran, you would always be true
And you sent those sweet winds to refresh my soul and to cause me tears of longing
For, in a wink, I remembered still, and vividly felt your calling.
Finally one day (the best day of all) was when you, through my darkest, came
Riding in what I imagined to be the most glorious of all displays
With a mighty shout you called my name, my heart’s beat renewed
For away from you, it was dead, and there was nothing I could do
But with a furious gallop you came and enveloped all that was dead in me
And embraced me so fully, so tightly, so greatly, that I could not help but to see
And in your arms I cried, like I have not cried before, tears of rest, tears of hope, tears of joy
Seven years I spent running from you in vain while the world thus made me its toy
I remember that day, Dad of all Dads, I remember your words to my soul.
“For the ones I have called, make no mistake, I will never let them go”
I thought I had lost you, Daddy my friend. I did not know how to turn back
And now, here You are listening to me, listening to my foolish chat
Im sorry Dad that im not the son, whos the brightest, boldest, of all
I cower when I try to speak about you in the sight of those who seem so tall
What? what is that you say? your whispers at times I cant hear
……..oh I see now, I think youve made youreself clear
For how could you hold such foolish things against those who you love so dear
What? You’ll walk with me when I need to speak and forever You’ll be near?
….oh and what? How can you say that? Thats just too great for me!
The fact that I can’t do anything to please that which is Holy
But you who gave it all two thousand years on hill called Calvary
Are telling me, you love me so, and nothing I do can change thee?
May I always remember this time with you, may I always remember to you be true
And when the time comes when I move out of here, may I help bring some children to you.

Juan Castillo Jr


4 thoughts on “When whats broken walks with God (A heart felt poem)

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