I’m Home

Lord Howe Island

The Lord has been gracious to me

In His loving kindness I rest

He restores my peace to its fullest

Adorness me with undeserved victory

The Lord has been gracious to me

In Him I find purpose to move

As darkness overwhelms the world

His light brightenss my hope

His tender mercies are exuberant

I sufficate in its vastness

Yet I lack the desire to breath

The Lord has been gracious to me

He moves with unstopable strengh

Calamaty trembles with the hopelessness to overcome Him

I am secure

The Lord’s strong arms enraptures me

Despite my bloody knees

Despite the wounds in this fallen body

The filth that seeps from the kindest of acts

The Lord sees it all

And He calls me son.

The Lord has been gracious to me

I fear His awesomeness

His fear comforts me

Theres nothing I can do to overwhelm Him

Theres nothing He does that does not overwhelm me

How beautiful are You oh God

He dances like a silver buck in the moonlight forest

And from the depths of his deep

He stands

Blessed is the Lord Almighty

Hallelujah to the Most Glorious God!

We will all rightfully bow before you

Thus my knees will joyfully bloody be

But for such a different reason

Lord, You have been so gracious to me

I ache with a longing to run to You

To be held in Your bosom

And there finally say

I’m home

Juan Castillo Jr.


2 thoughts on “I’m Home

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