God the Artist

Oil Painting Workspace

Oil Painting Workspace (Photo credit: nimbu)

After a long workday/workout, I was heading home when I passed by a little pond with some ducks.  The ducks where playfully darting about and seemingly enjoying life.  Needless to say, I had to stop and watch for a while.  It was in this moment that my mind started wondering.  Maybe it was because I was right next to UF‘s Harn Museum of Art.  Or maybe because my mind just seems to always wonder.  Whatever the reason, my mind started wondering about artistry, specifically the connection of an artist with his art.  You see, an artist is never disconnected from his art, there will always be traces of an artist persona, likes, dislikes, opinions, etc in his art making the art his (or hers). For example, Salvador Dali‘s painting called “Christ of Saint John on the Cross“. A quick glance and you would think that Salvador was painting to bring tribute to Christ. But a careful observation will reveal that the perspective of the painting is as if one was standing over the cross…above Christ.  This painting was done in a time when Salvador Dali was in a state of rebellion towards God.  He painted this picture as if to say he was above God. as opposed to his painting entitle “crucifixion,’Corpus Hybercubus’ whose perspective is from one who is below and is looking up (click on the links to see the paintings I’m talking about) signifying an inferiority and submission to Christ.  This painting was done in a perriod when Dali came back to Catholicism.

So what does this mean?  Its an example of how Dali incorporated something of himself into his painting even if its not entirely clear to the viewer, Dali is in his paintings one way or another.


Ill explain…hold on.  As I stood watching the ducks and thinking about artists and their art I realized I was staring at a piece of art myself…THE DUCKS.  One of BILLIONS of masterpieces created by a master artist. And just like any other artist, HE too left parts of himself in His art.  As I stood there, I seized from seeing just a pond and some ducks (as pretty as they were) but I started to see my God’s heart, His genius, His skill, His awesomeness.  The intricacy and detail of this masterpiece.  A masterful juxtaposition of color and calm.  My God poured over His creation, love and beauty telling me that my God IS beautiful, He IS loving, HE IS powerful and HE IS good.  Creation is but a testament of My God’s creativity.

At that moment, my perspective changed on a lot of things.  All for the better I feel.  All for the better.

Juan Castillo Jr.


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