If the wind stops blowing on your sails
Start rowing
If the rug is pulled from beneath your feet
Start crawling
If lemons are all the fruits you see
Seek sugar
Just don’t let the trials pronounce your defeat

If you find that you are singing out of tune
Start humming
If your dance is stiff and you can’t move
Start praying
When you’re blinded by the blow of hidden foes
Start blessing
For there is an end to all of it.

Don’t give in when you want to give it up
Start fighting
Don’t throw down when you need to go lift up
Fears dying
When you’re tempted to hide keep standing tall
Strengths building
For when you’re weak you’ll find that you’re strong.

In the end you’ll sing a different song
That’s hoping
In the end you’ll live to live along
That’s loving
In the end you’ll join the joyous throng
That’s fitting
For none have imagined glory’s of song.

Juan Castillo Jr.


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