Lion - Louisville Zoo

The tide of confidence turns over
In it I see my folly
For weakness is my companion
And inadequacy my friend
Handicapped I travel
Through quagmires of doubt and inability
My short comings are ever before me
In falling I still find failure
My hands take hold of mist
Blind I stumble through the winding cliff road
Strength hides from me
Courage mocks me to my face
Yet even still I glory
How can I be strong in light of the One who is strong?
His magnificence overwhelms me
His valor is contagious
In the lack of self I see the fullness of Him
And so I welcome my friend weakness
Through you I see His strength
My cowardliness is but a canvas
For His boldness to be proclaimed
In weakness I am wrought
And this is ever before me
But alas the Lord
He is God
He overcomes my weakness
He clothes me with strength

Juan Castillo Jr.


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