MY CHILD! Issues of the Heart



English: Street photography - photograph of a ...

English: Street photography – photograph of a child watching children play on the grounds of Arts College at Osmania University, Hyderabad, AP – India. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

If your child was being persecuted by a mass murderer, is there anything that you would hold back to ensure his or her protection? Would you buy a gun? Would you build an electric fence around your house? Would you get cameras? Would you hire bodyguards? Or does any of these suggestions sound excessive. In order to guard your child from harm what would you do? What would seem excessive? Is anything truly excessive? I’ve heard of parents giving their very lives if it just would ensure the safety of their child. Their precious child. What would you say to someone who would dare say “you go too far”. I know what I would say, I don’t go far enough! If I have to move heaven and earth to protect my child (if I had one) I would. Nothing would be too excessive and yet the Lord says “keep your hearts with all diligence for from it flow the springs of life”- prov. 4:23. We wrestle with the Lord as to how to guard our hearts since many things can seem so excessive and we are free in Christ. For example, some choose not to watch certain movies or hear certain music. Some will chime in stating that, “you are free in Christ”, but they fail to see the wisdom in such “legalism”. True, we are free in Christ and true it’s really no sin to listen or read certain gray area things. However, may I suggest that at times we need to view our hearts like precious children, worthy of all protection at all costs? This world is constantly sending its mass murderer against us. He disguises himself as questionable things by which we don’t perceive his presence until it’s too late. We constantly let our guards down in the name of “grace” and in rejection of “legalism” only to open blindly the door to he who seeks to “kill, steal and destroy”-John 10:10. May I present to you that we are free to actively protect our hearts. We don’t do this in order to earn our salvation, nor to please the lord necessarily, but to keep our hearts “in perfect peace” Isaiah 26:3. To enable our minds to be fixed on Him. To clear our hearts of anything that would distract us from knowing him; true eternal life – john17:3. And so the scriptures gives us a clear path and guide by which to test things. To focus on that which is pure, true, good and wholesome – phil4:8. To guard is to defend. You can never have too much defense. In our case; if we don’t defend our hearts, we will never have a good offense.

Juan Castillo Jr.


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